Dog Information – Raising a Puppy

I can remember when I brought home my first puppy. The thought of raising a puppy was new and everyone was very excited. A new member to our family had arrived and though we did not know it so were the challenges that soon followed.

We had just bought a Siberian Husky about eight weeks old, cute fluffy and full of spunk. We chose this dog breed because my wife and I always liked the looks of these beautiful canines. We never gave a second thought to what this breed really is and what their needs are as they grow and become mature dogs.

We soon came to realize that we had a very high strung, high energy pup that demanded a lot of attention. I started reading everything I could to learn more about the Siberian Husky. We found that Huskies are intelligent and trainable but you have to be strong in your approach. They do not respect weak commands; you must be strong and show them you are the boss.

With patience and consistent follow through Huskies will train nicely. They require a lot of exercise because they are a working breed. Several walks or better yet, runs a day (on cool days) is what Huskies need. We found in our situation that we need the exercise as well, so really it works well for all of us.
Well now, raising a puppy, a Husky anyway was a bit overwhelming at first. But after we took the time to read and learn what the dog breed really needed we adjusted our lives and I think for the better. After all we love our Husky and he has enriched our lives greatly. Mind you it can be trying at times but what in life isn’t.

I would recommend for anyone interested in raising a puppy to take the time and study dog information before you choose a dog breed. Know what you want and what that breed requires to have a good life. Make informed decisions so that both dog and you remain happy companions for life
For anyone interested in dogs we have tons of free information on our website. Please visit us sometime and before you do anything else, hug your dog.