Will Messi Win Ballon D’Or 2010?

Can Messi once again win the Ballon d’Or? Of course he can, this year, on the list of competitors, there are two Messi teammates, Xavi and Iniesta. Messi supported his teammates, and he is very pleased that they are his competition. But there is also Cristiano Ronaldo who is we must admit, in great shape.

It is certain that for Messi will be a lot harder to win this prize this year. But despite that fact, Messi on the field provides a fantastic games and has the most chances to win the award. A lot of times people say that Messi can achieve Maradona only if he do something with Argentina. The World Cup is completed, Argentina wasn’t playing well and it was aggravating circumstance for Messi. But even Messi’s biggest rival Ronaldo, didn’t made nothing with Portugal. If judging by this, then Xavi and Iniesta are for Messi really the biggest competition, because they are world champions with Spain.

Messi and Ronaldo are rivals for Castrol Rankings title also… The battle between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on Castrol Rankings hots up. There is little between the two players now; their goal tallies are close with Messi scoring 35 goals in 34 league appearances over the last 12 months and Ronaldo netting 33 in as many league games.

But the great difference between these two great football players is that Leo Messi from open play converts almost twice as many chances into goals (26%), till Ronaldo converts only 14%… That means that Messi is much better in realization than Ronaldo. We hope that Leo Messi will remain his position… Almost over two years takes the fight between these two players for the best football player of the world title. Leo Messi was better in last two years but we must admit that Cristiano Ronaldo is also in a great form and this battle will be very interesting…

Everybody believe that Messi will win Ballon d’or, many players also… Neymar said about Messi: ” I can’t wait to play against Messi!” – said Brazilian young star Neymar. Neymar is new Brazilian football star. He is playing for Santos and his debut for Brazil national team was in match against USA, he even scored on that match. After that Brazilian selector Mano Menezes didn’t called him in the squad because of his bad behavior in Santos.

But now Menezes called Neymar in squad to face against Argentina in friendly match which will be played at November 17th in Qatar. “Messi is the best player of the world and I must work a lot if I want to get close to Messi, many years I must play well to get close to him. But I will enjoy playing against him!” – said Neymar.